Razer ManO'War wireless gaming headset
Today we’re looking at the Razer ManO’War virtual 7.1 surround sound gaming headset. This headset is designed for PC and PS4 using 2.4 gigahertz technology which means you’re going to get a great lag free wireless experience.


Speaker Drivers CompatibilityWindows, Mac, PS4
Driver Size50mmDTS 7.1Yes
Frequency Response20-20,000KHzRGB LightingYes
Sensitivity112 dbEar Cup RotationYes
Impedance32 OhmBox Contents
T.H.D.N/AProduct Information GuideYes
Magnet TypeNeodyniumHeadsetYes
MicrophoneWireless TransmitterYes
Frequency Response100hz-20,000KHz4-pole 3.5mm CableYes
PatternUnidirectionalCharging CableYes
Sensitivity-38 dbToslink Optical CableN/A
LocationOn Ear Cup (Retractable)Headset StandNo
Mute ToggleYesPart NumberRZ04-01490100-R3U1
Noise CancellingYesWarranty1 Year
Type2.4 Ghz
Range12m / 40ft
Battery Life14hrs (LED on)
20hrs (LED off)

For specifications we’ve got a frequency response of 20Hz-20Khz from the 15mm drivers that feature at neodynium magnets. You’ve got a 40ft wireless range and a 14-hour battery life with the lighting or 20 hours without.

The USB receiver fits in the headset as well which I thought was absolutely fantastic. It’s something very simple but I’m definitely pleased about it. We’ve got full chroma lighting with 16.8 million colors to choose from and you’ve also got three different color effects.

There are nice little touches such as a light on the end of the microphone, so you can easily see when you’re muted. We’ve got the usual nice Razer packaging, an excellent presentation when you open the box. Definitely one of the better products I’ve unboxed from them.


You do get a few accessories included in the box such as a 6ft extension cable with a dock if you need a little bit of extra reach. Maybe your PC is a bit further out of the way than usual and this just allows you to keep it on the desk to make sure you get a solid connection. In the small box you’ve got a 3ft micro USB cable for charging as well as all the manuals and important information and of course the awesome Razer stickers.

Headband Top View Razer ManO War gaming headset

Design and Comfort

Upon first glance of the headset you may think it does look a little big and maybe a little weighty as well, but it is mainly a plastic construction which some people may frown upon but personally it still does feel very well built and it does also keep it very light.

I’m a massive fan of matte black so this definitely does appeal to me in terms of the coloring. This will fit big heads as well, mine being one of them so I do know it will accommodate. It’s got a nice stretch on the ear cups as well, not too much pressure which is great if you wear glasses like I do. Some headsets you do find put pressure on the ears on the frame of the glasses after a while, but this didn’t which was nice.
Neodymium Drivers on the Razer ManO War
There’s excellent movement on the ear cups which allows you to get nice positioning and allow you to fine-tune how they sit on your ears. There’s a nice soft leather ear cups housing the 50mm drivers underneath.

The headband as well, is covered in leather with adequate padding and the Razer logo on the reverse. The ear cups do rotate as well so when you do sit them down on the desk it’s going to sit on the ear cups and not the plastic which is a nice method to prevent any scratching.

On the left hand side we’ve got our power button, just simply press and hold to turn the headset. Further down we’ve got the micro USB port for charging the headset. We’ve also got a volume scroll wheel for the microphone that also doubles as a push button to activate the mute.


Razer ManO War gaming headset mic closeup
The retractable mic is awesome and makes things convenient as you’re not going to lose it because you can’t take it out. It has really nice flexibility as well to make sure you get a nice positioning for your mouth. There’s the mute feature which I think which is really great as you don’t even have to look at it, you can see it in your peripheral vision to see whether you’ve got it muted or not, so you never have to take your eyes off the action.

I usually say if you’re looking to create YouTube videos, I recommend a desktop microphone with this headset but if you’re using this for online play and maybe talking with your friends on skype or discord then it’s definitely going to be perfect.
Power button USB-C on the Razer ManO War
On the right-hand side we’ve got the USB transceiver that clips into the ear cup. I think that’s just smart and means you’re not going to lose it. When you put your transceiver into the PC it will instantly find the drivers and then pair together so couldn’t be simpler to set up.

You’ve also got a game volume scroll wheel that will also double as a mute on press. Looking at the chrome and lighting the first effect is the spectrum cycle which goes through the entire rainbow of color. In addition to the 16.8 million static colors, we’ve got the breathing effect which is what you get as default when you get the headphones. It’s a nice simple pulse in and out of color and you can of course specify what color that is. At the end we have white and as I mentioned before, white is a very difficult color for RGB to reproduce. There’s no specific white LED built in, so this has a slight blue tinge to it but to the untrained eye you wouldn’t notice it.

Software Calibration

The Razer Surround Synapse software controls the headset as well as all your other Razer devices as well. The calibration is the first thing you want to do. Basically, it gives you two targets to listen for with your eyes closed to make sure where it appears on screen is actually where you hear it. This helps to fine-tune things to your own personal hearing and make sure things are comfortable for you, it’s just a simple case of using the up and down keys on the keyboard to move the adjustment slightly to where you find it to be best.

Once you’ve done that it then does a loop of a helicopter just so you can see how the virtual seven-point-one works, then that’s your calibration done it literally takes all of a minute.

Going across the tabs we’ve got extra enhancements you can add such as extra bass and normalization of volume and these are all very much personal preference. You’ve also got settings to adjust the microphones as well. A feature that I thought was really outstanding is the adjustment on hearing yourself back on the mic monitor. Some headsets don’t give the options to turn that off, but you can adjust that on this which is really quite nice.

The custom EQ mixer lets you change different genres of music. If you’re a bass enthusiast like myself, you can up those lower frequencies yourself. This also comes into play with the kind of opinion on the lows, mids and highs of the headset because if there’s something you don’t really like you can just dial it down or even increase it a bit. When I do get onto the audio that does make my life a lot easier to talk about it.

Chroma Lighting

The chroma lighting gives you the whole spectrum to choose from. You can also choose the darkness on the slider as well when static breathing and then with the spectrum cycling modes you can also just apply that to the rest of the chrome devices you’ve got as well such as the Black Widow X Chroma and then also, when your monitors turn off you can set the chroma to turn off as well which I always do just to save a bit of battery.
Razer ManO’War gaming headset Chroma logo
If you really want to you can also turn the chroma off and that will indeed extend your battery life even further. At the far right we’ve got the options for the on-screen display so when you’re in-game it will come up in the window. That’s just very much personal preference from what side you’d like it, so when you do touch this quick action controls you get the relevant information on screen.

The virtual 7.1 for me did work very well, I’m pleasantly surprised actually as I’ve used other “virtual 7.1” systems and they’ve just not really performed that well to be honest but this one pleasantly surprised me. I did get that feeling of where somebody was and in certain games like Battlefield. For example, you could hear the people creeping up on you which was nice, it did increase my KD which I was very pleased about.

In terms of spatial awareness, you absolutely do feel more at one with the game if that makes sense. You feel like you’re more part of it than other headsets that just basically provide left and white sound and no immersion. It has saved my virtual life quite a few times as well, so it definitely does work on that aspect.

Cinematics also work very clearly, it does exceed the expectations considering it’s just virtual and not true 7.1. Long story short the 7.1 does a better job than any other headset I tested in the field.

Sound Quality

In terms of audio, this headset didn’t have as much punch as I was expecting from a gaming headset, they’re generally very bass-heavy. Going into the settings and adding that bass boost was nice to just to give it that a little bit of extra. Obviously if you want to go even more so you can increase it manually in the EQ settings but for me just that tick box did add a nice adequate amount of bass. The mid and high frequencies a very crisp and clean, vocals come through great especially if you’re playing team games that use commands you can thank and request medics and things like that. You can hear those very well they do come through very nice and clean.

Car engines are another prime example, Project Cars sounds really great with this, especially hearing little bits like suspension and rattle in the back of the car does sound really cool. Overall very pleasing sound experience and the EQ customization does really add the extra element of adjustability, especially for people that like to dial back or even adjust certain aspects.

Razer ManO’War Design ear cup mesh

Final Thoughts

The build quality is very good, it’s a very light headset overall, mainly due to the plastic construction. I would like a little bit more metal in certain parts, especially over the headband and by the adjustment of the air cups, even if it would add extra weight. If you’re a bit heavy handed like me and you throw things around a little, you know it’s going to last a little bit longer that way.

I love the chroma lighting as usual, I never get let down on that aspect from Razer. I get a week’s worth of use with a couple of hours gaming a day which is bang-on what they advertise which is great. Other things like the wireless is a great extra and is handy if you must step out the room for any reason. It’s just super helpful to have that freedom of no wires.

Overall a solid offering from Razer, they’re absolutely setting a benchmark for other headsets to look up to and it’s going to be very difficult to improve upon so I’m really looking forward to seeing what else comes from Razer in the future.

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Razer ManO'War Review
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