The advantage of Wireless Gaming Headsets is obviously, no wires. This gives you the ultimate freedom and the liberty of being able to move around and not be bound by wires attached to a PC or gaming console.

The cost premium that use to accompany the wireless versions of headsets has all but been eliminated.

Several years ago, wireless headphones had a reputation for sound dropout and poor battery life. Those problems may have been a turnoff, but with current wireless technology that is no longer an issue. There is simply no drawback to ditching the wires in 2018.

Below you will find a complete list of Wireless Gaming Headphones that we have reviewed as well as our Best Wireless Gaming Headset List for 2018.

Logitech G933 Review

The Logitech G933 headphones are the wireless version of the G633’s and the sequel to the popular G930’s which came out way back in 2012. If I start by telling you that these cost $170, I think you’ll agree they have to be one of the best gaming headsets in the world. Specifications Versatile So…