Logitech G935 Wireless 7.1 Gaming Headset Review

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The Logitech G935 is here! Logitech has equipped it with new drivers, but everything else remains pretty much identical to the original. Is this thing worth the upgrade?

Logitech G935 wireless gaming headset microphoneThe 935 is Logitech’s flagship gaming headset and I find the audio quality is to be better than the 933. The microphone has improved as well, but I was hoping they would take it into a different direction physically. The G935 sells for $169, which is steep, but it is the same price as the G933, so price-wise, it has remained the same.





Logitech G935 headset earcups

Design & Build Quality

Now physically, not much has changed. The headset still feels and sounds plastic. The glossy plastic on the ear cups is still present, which is kind of nasty once you’ve just handled the headset. The magnetic ear cups on the sides have been slightly redesigned, but they’re still customizable, and they fit on the 933, so exactly the same format, and on the left ear cup, we still have that USB compartment so you can carry the receiver with you.

But a positive change here are the ear cups. No longer do we have that harsh bathing suit material like we saw on the 933. Here we have this leather material that has better isolation. It maintains a little bit more of that deeper base, and on skin contact, it’s just a lot more comfortable.

Because the drivers are new and the internals of the ear cups are new, the actual driver wall has now been flattened slightly versus the 933 that had a bit more curve. I have different size ears, so my left ear is slightly bigger and it makes contact with that internal wall because it doesn’t have that much of a groove like we had on the 933, which I would say is a downgrade in comfort for me personally versus the 933, and also the new headset is five grams heavier. Not significant, but I was hoping they could reduce the weight of this design and also make the internal wall slightly more curved so your ears will not make contact.

I was also hoping we would see a slight redesign in the frame itself because it’s still incredibly bulky and way too wide, especially compared to something like the Corsair HS70 or the HyperX Cloud Flight that are a lot more low profile and low key versus the G935. This is a gaming headset through and through.

Logitech G935 RGB lighting with Lightsync

Now let’s talk about the LIGHTSYNC branding in the name. This beautiful RBG strip at the back and the G logo on the side can be controlled individually, and they look awesome! It was a great introduction in the 933 three years ago, but right now, they’re at the back, so for the user, they’re invisible, and for the audience, they’re also invisible, so functionally, they make no sense. I was kind of hoping they would re-position the LEDs to the front so at least the audience could enjoy some RGB goodness.

Battery Life

Having the illumination on tanks your battery life, so I lost 30% in three hours, so you’re looking at maximum 10 hours of usage with the LEDs on versus losing 20% of battery life in three hours with the RGB illumination off, so not that significant. However, you still should turn off all the RGB stuff to prolong your battery life. You’re looking at, I don’t know, maybe like 12 hours maximum usage with this headset with the LEDs off, which is kind of disappointing. Again, three years in development, and the battery life they are able to get with their mice which is fantastic,  I was kind of hoping we would see something like that on the 935 too.

Logitech G935 Design and Build QualityControls

We do have a bunch of controls on the left ear cup, a volume wheel, which I don’t like. It’s way too sensitive, so like a single swipe of the wheel, it changes the volume by 30%, so there is no precise adjustment. We have a mic mute switch and three G buttons that are programmable, which is awesome, and a power on-off switch.

You charge this thing via micro USB at the bottom, and there’s also the 3.5-millimeter analog connection, which means the headset can also be used in wired mode. Just make sure to turn off the headset when using that through the 3.5-millimeter connection. But interestingly, they have removed the 3.5-millimeter connection on the actual USB receiver like we saw on the 933. Now the USB received with the 935 is just the receiver. You cannot plug anything into it.

Sound Quality

Despite all the negatives surrounding the physical characteristics, the pointless RGB illumination, the really loose scroll wheel, and the poor battery life, this is the best wireless gaming headset I have ever heard!

In comparison to my HyperX Cloud Flight, the 935 completely destroys it in the clarity and the bass, just so much more fullness. The HyperX Cloud Flight sounds kind of tinny and harsh in comparison. So whatever new drivers they’ve installed here absolutely delivers a fantastic audio experience, not just from a stereo perspective

Surround Sound

I’ve been really a huge fan of the surround sound that we get on the 933, and that carries forward with the 935.

I’ve actually started to enable surround sound with the 935 because it doesn’t necessarily distort too much of your directional awareness and it also enlarges the audio space. If it’s a footstep, it sounds just like a footstep it would in stereo mode, but slightly wider sound stage so your positional awareness is still intact and that is something that is kind of difficult to achieve with your standard surround sound modes, and the overall audio experience is 9/10.


For the Mircophone, they went from a four-millimeter capsule on the 933 to six millimeters, so it sounds richer and more full versus the 933, but still it sounds quite a bit compressed and not as natural as you would hear from a regular wired headset, but definitely an improvement over 933.

Software Customization

I really like what they’ve done with the software as G HUB is very intuitive to use. We have a nice big percentage indicator for the battery life underneath the product, which is excellent. You can customize color and LIGHTSYNC to other large tech peripherals. You can reassign what those G buttons do, which is awesome. I just leave mine at default to enable surround sound and toggle between different sound modes, and of course, the equalizer controls are awesome, if you want extra treble, extra bass or something in the mid range. I really like the fullest profile and cinematic for a little extra like high-end boost, because the bass here is tight enough and I don’t feel like I need extra.

Logitech G935 wireless gaming headset front view

Logitech G935 Drivers

You can download the Logitech G HUB software which controls all the settings for the headset.


In conclusion, it’s really good to see the G935 establish itself as the dominant product in wireless audio. It sounds way better than anything I’ve heard in this wireless category, but they definitely need to do something with the physical characteristics, and perhaps go the G Pro route, like if they had the G Pro wireless headset, but with these drivers, I would love that. Beautiful design, simple, great aesthetics, no RGB, but of course, they have to go the really high-end route that incorporates everything else so they can trickle down these drivers into lower tier wireless gaming headsets. I’m hoping we’ll see that soon because it’s a good headset, but it’s not for me physically. Comfort-wise, it’s perfectly fine, wear these for hours, a little bit of heat accumulation inside the ear cups, but otherwise it’s a good pair.

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