The Logitech G933 headphones are the wireless version of the G633’s and the sequel to the popular G930’s which came out way back in 2012. If I start by telling you that these cost $170, I think you’ll agree they have to be one of the best gaming headsets in the world.


Speaker Drivers CompatibilityWindows, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Switch
Driver Size40mmDTS 7.1Yes
Frequency Response20-20,000KHzRGB LightingYes
Sensitivity107 dbEar Cup RotationYes
Impedance32 OhmBox Contents
T.H.D.N/AProduct Information GuideYes
Magnet TypeOtherHeadsetYes
MicrophoneWireless TransmitterYes
Frequency Response100hz-20,000KHz4-pole 3.5mm CableYes
PatternUnidirectionalCharging CableYes
SensitivityN/AToslink Optical CableN/A
LocationOn Ear CupHeadset StandNo
Mute ToggleYesPart Number981-000632
Noise CancellingYesWarranty2 Years
Type2.4 Ghz
Range15m / 50ft
Battery Life12 Hours


Home theater with Logitech G933
So why are these G933’s so special? Well first of all, they are wireless up to about 30 feet. They offer 7.1 Dolby surround sound and you can use them with your PC game consoles, phones, tablets, and pretty much all your home theater equipment.

They also have a built-in mic which you simply pull down to use. The headphones unique design features fully customizable RGB lighting as well as a range of macro keys.

Finally, not only can use the Logitech Gaming software to play with the equalizers and assign different sound profiles to different games but the headphones support multi source audio mixing so in theory you could be answering a Skype call or listening to your music on your PC while are you playing a game on your PS4 or Xbox One.

Mixes audio Logitech G933

Speaking of game consoles, not a lot of people actually know this but you can use these G933’s and even the older G930’s with the PlayStation 4 wirelessly. I don’t have an Xbox One so I can’t actually test it on that, but basically you don’t need the bundled 3.5mm. Simply plug the wireless USB dongle that comes with the headphones into your PC to make them wireless into the game console and within a couple of seconds it works perfectly, even the microphone.

I just thought I would mention that since most other reviewers don’t seem to know that you can do that.

Sound Quality

So what do they actually sound like? Of course sound quality and what sounds nice to you is very subjective, but on the whole I think they’re excellent. The Logitech Gaming software which you can download for free on your PC lets you change the audio levels and create your own custom equalizer settings so you can either pick one of six presets like FPS, flat and cinematic gaming which alters what you’re doing to suit what you’re playing.

I personally found the default FPS to be a bit flat and a bit tinny, where as the cinematic gaming went a little bit overboard on the bass. It might be good for movies but generally I found the presets to be not that great, although I did think the communications preset had the best of balance of bass and treble, so I would weirdly opt for the communications preset. I say weirdly because my ears are obviously gonna be different to you ears and so you may like more bass, more treble, more highs, more lows or whatever.

The great thing is you can customize the equalizer to suite your ears and how you like to listen. You can change all the balance all the other tone settings, so I think that’s really a big plus that you’re not stuck with the defaults and the presets.

If you do like to tinker, the Logitech does give you that option. Having said that, in terms of sound quality alone I don’t find these to be a noticeable step up over the previous G933’s. However, there are big improvements in terms of wireless connectivity.

As the name suggests, the G933’s are gaming headphones. They don’t offer the same richness and fidelity that dedicated music headphones like the Sennheiser HD 650’s or the Grado SR325e’s do but then again they’re not wireless. They don’t have 7.1 surround sounds and they don’t have a built-in mic so considering these are gaming headphones I think they’re actually really good.

Headset Driver Internal View Logitech G933
Speaking of surround sound, Logitech’s new Pro G drivers in the G933’s produces some the best surround sound I’ve ever heard from a pair of headphones. In the Logitech Gaming software you can switch between Dolby Surround Sound and DTS. In my experience though, the Dolby sounds a lot better than DTS in pretty much every situation. I’m not a professional audiophile but flicking between them listening to music and playing games the Dolby almost always sounded better.

I think there’s a huge difference between stereo sound and surround sound, it really is a key selling point of these especially in games it makes all the difference when you’re able to hear the voices and the footsteps and the guns going off behind you. I’ve been playing a fair bit of Rainbow Six Siege lately and there are a lot of tense moments when all you can do is wait and listen for the other team to breach in so to be able to make out the footsteps from any direction around you is genuinely useful. It will actually give you a bit of an advantage and makes the whole game a lot more immersive.

It’s worth mentioning though, that these headphones don’t support surround sound and neither do the older G930’s when you’re using them a with PS4 or Xbox, wired or wireless as it requires the Logitech Gaming software to be installed on a PC. You can’t get 7.1 on consoles which is a shame, we will be stuck with stereo.


Foldaway noise cancelling mic Logitech G933
I think the headset mic sounds pretty good, my teammates could hear me fairly clearly and there aren’t any dropouts or anything. I think the mic does sound a little tinny, maybe a little bit robotic. When you speak more loudly it still maintains the volume quite well. As well, if I’m speaking quietly my teammates could also hear what I was saying. There is also a mic on the cable which comes with the headphones, so you can choose between them.

Personally, I don’t think the mic is good enough to do voiceover recordings for YouTube videos, but I do think it’s definitely good enough for gaming and for Skype calls. I really like how convenient it is and it packs away nicely and to activate it and mute it by lowering and raising the mic from the headset. It’s a solid mic not a professional one by anyone’s standards but a good gaming.

As other reviews have pointed out, the G933’s can sometimes fall off your head but it’s really not that big of an issue, just make it so that the headband is just slightly tilted towards the front of your head and that way it doesn’t fall off. Obviously, people’s heads are different and your experience may vary. I’ve dropped these quite a few times and they’re not broken at all, so I can vouch for their ruggedness.

Design and Comfort

Programmable G keys Logitech G933
Let’s talk a bit more about the design and more importantly the comfort of these G933’s. First of all, I’m a big fan of how they look. I think the matte and glossy plastic along with these sort of “go-faster” stripes give it a cool futuristic gaming look. I think the plastic materials make it feel and sound a little bit plastic though if I’m honest the gamer look is enhanced by the LED lighting strips on the back of each ear cup.

The LED lighting pattern can be customized from within the Logitech software, so you can have a solid blue or maybe a breathing red light combination and pretty much everything in between. It’s highly customizable and looks pretty cool but is a bit of a gimmick as obviously you can’t see them yourself because you’ll be wearing them. However, if you’re going to LAN parties or just want to show off your headphones to your friends they do look kind of cool.

In between the power and volume rockers are a range of G keys which are basically macro keys which you can change from with the Logitech software to do what you want it’s quite handy to have a mute button among others and you could also assign these perhaps to open Skype or Teamspeak.

Something I do quite like is how Logitech’s managed to fit a replaceable battery in the back of one of the ear cups, there’s also a little compartment for the Wi-Fi dongle in the others. It’s a really simple idea but being able to store the wireless USB stick inside the headphone for safekeeping if you’re traveling with them is a great idea.

Sports mesh headband Logitech G933
Something I don’t like quite as much is the new foam or as Logitech calls it “sports mesh”, used in the cups and the headband isn’t bad but it just doesn’t feel nearly as premium as the leather on the old G930’s. It’s reasonably comfortable and I never felt it get hot around my ears.

One issue I did have with the old G930’s is I felt the headband digging into my head right at the top after a half an hour of use and it used to get quite uncomfortable. The material is thicker on these G933’s but I still find they have the exact same issue so I have to constantly move them about and push them all around my head just to sort of move the position so it doesn’t dig in so much.

It’s a shame they haven’t really fixed that but again that could just be me. Overall, they are reasonably comfortable and they have a good noise-canceling seal around your ears although I did find that others could hear the music and what was going on in the games when it was at 75% or louder volume. So it cancelled out noise for me as I can’t hear what’s going on around me but other people can hear a bit so the sound does get out a bit.

Battery Life

Logitech claim you’ll get about 12 hours at about 50% volume out of these although I found that they didn’t get that loud so I kind of needed to have them at about 100% volume almost all the time which was fine but no doubt that would impact the battery life. In my experience I could get about seven, eight, maybe nine hours of gaming and music out of these.

It’s pretty impressive though and of course when the battery runs low you can just plug in the micro USB into the USB of the PC to charge and keep going. If you really do want some extra juice you can always buy a second battery and hot swap them out if you are a hardcore headphone listener.

Wireless distance Logitech G933

Wireless Distance

You’ll be pleased to hear that the best part the G933’s is that compared to the older models which lots of people found had issues with the wireless connection dropping out, I’m happy to report these G933’s are a lot better.

Whatever the issue was it’s been fixed I had no dropouts, no distortion or anything of note walking up to 30-35 feet away from the USB dongle which is in my PC. It’s seriously impressive stuff and almost on his own makes the G933’s a worthy upgrade over G930’s.


The big question is, are they worth it? At about $170, they are very expensive. Personally, I think the wired G633 models are a better option at about $150 You are definitely paying a premium to get the wireless model just to get rid of one cable and you do have to worry about battery life as well.

Overall I am very impressed with the G933’s. They look great, they sound nice, they’re reasonably comfortable and the wireless connectivity and battery is very impressive. It’s a great package and definitely one of the best gaming headsets you can buy.

The Logitech G933 made our Best Wireless Gaming Headsets of 2018 which you should definitely check out to see how it stacked up against the rest of the competition.

If you are interested in buying the G933’s or even the G633’s you can find the links down below.

Logitech G933 Review
4.3 / 5 Review Score
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