Logitech G533 wireless gaming headset

In a world of gaming headsets there are so many different options it’s sometimes hard to choose the right product for your needs. Do you prefer corded, cordless, stereo or a surround sound set up, is portability necessary? Those are some of the questions that need to be asked before making a decision. Logitech already has headphones that fit nearly every single need but now they’re adding a new set to their lineup. The Logitech G533 Wireless Gaming Headset at $150 is meant to offer an alternative for people who don’t want to spend nearly $200 on the expensive Logitech Artemis Spectrum, yet still want virtual 7.1 surround sound.

Logitech G533 Specifications

Speaker DriversCompatibilityWindows
Driver Size40mmDTS 7.1Windows, Mac
Frequency Response20-20,000KHzRGB LightingYes
Sensitivity107 dbEar Cup RotationNo
Impedance32 OhmBox ContentsYes
T.H.D.N/AProduct Information Guide
Magnet TypeOtherHeadsetYes
MicrophoneWireless TransmitterYes
Frequency Response100hz-20,000KHz4-pole 3.5mm CableYes
PatternUnidirectionalCharging CableN/A
SensitivityN/AToslink Optical CableYes
LocationOn Ear CupHeadset StandN/A
Mute ToggleYesPart NumberNo
Noise CancellingYesWarranty981-000632
Weight350g2 Years
Type2.4 Ghz
Range15m / 50ft
Battery Life15 Hours

Personally, I’ve never owned a virtual surround sound headset simply because the ones I’ve tried in the past failed to live up to my expectations. Can the Logitech G533 with its licensed Dolby DTS headphone features changed my mind?


Wireless gaming headsets are slowly starting to gain momentum within the gaming community because the convenience of cordless access to audio is so tempting. It isn’t inexpensive though and with the G533 retailing for about $150, it finds itself among some interesting competition. There’s the SteelSeries Siberia 800 that retails for $300, the Razer ManO’War for $170 and Logitech’s own flagship headset the G933 Wireless for $200.

Let’s be honest here, the Logitech G533 is similarly priced to the Logitech G633 but it’s lacking a few of that headsets aesthetic feature. Looking closer at the G533 it should be obvious this is Logitech’s entry-level wireless surround sound gaming headset. While it has many of the G933 Artemis Spectrum’s features like DTS headphone X, Pro G drivers and a 2.4 gigahertz single band, things like RGB lighting and the programmable G Keys have been removed. Basically, this is a simpler take on a proven formula that suits me just fine since I’m not a big fan of RGB lighting on a headset.

Logitech G533 wireless headset sports mesh

Design and Comfort

The Logitech G533 is mostly made from plastic materials and that is definitely not a bad thing because this maintains the lightweight structure that I prefer on any gaming headset although the glossy finish on the outside of the ear cups attracts fingerprints like a champ so be mindful of that.

The sports mesh material on the ear pads have plenty of cushioning to prevent your ears from making contact with the drivers and it’s designed to circulate air rather than capturing it. The same applies for the headband which was pretty comfortable during my testing.

The pads are also washable which is awesome and over my course of testing the G533, I didn’t experience any sort of fatigue because the clamping force was just perfect for my taste. The ear cups can rotate 90 degrees and I love this feature because when I’m resting these around my neck, having them laid out flat gives me more room to move my head around.

The adjustable metal sliders are defined with 14 individual steps for precise adjustments, so they can fit large sized heads without problem. The microphone is retractable, and it also features a slight extension for maneuverability. What’s interesting about this boom mic is that they’ve attached a small pop filter on top of the mic to prevent it from picking up breathing noises and popping and it works excellently.


The Logitech G533 implemented noise canceling characteristics to eliminate background noise and in my testing, it did a pretty good job. For example, when I’m typing on a mechanical keyboard the mic barely picks it up without overpowering my voice so that’s sweet.

Retractable mic on Logitech G533 wireless headset

Judging the mic’s sound quality, it’s passable in my opinion but it’s definitely not one of the best. If you pay a close attention to the audio levels my voice and the background noise sound similar so Logitech hasn’t done anything to give emphasis on vocals which is disappointing because I was expecting something closer to the Revolver headset from HyperX which has one of the best microphones that I’ve recently tried.

The headset also features side tone that lets you monitor your voice as you’re speaking through the mic which is useful. Logitech hasn’t implemented a ton of macro buttons like what found on the G933 and G633 but there’s a simple on/off switch to enable the wireless mode and a button that’s set the function as a mute command by default. You can actually remap this button to perform other tasks through the driver software that I’ll get to in a moment.

Volume dial and controls Logitech G533 headset
Right beneath is where you’ll find the volume dial that has very light steps for quick volume adjustments or if you’d like to perform that precisely, this dial does it in two step intervals. One major advantage of not having ten buttons behind the headset is that you don’t have to spend too much time figuring out controls and from my experience on-the-fly adjustments were perfect.

Logitech has one of the best driver software’s in the market no questions asked, if you already own a Logitech gaming peripheral this would be a plug-and-play method for you because it’s a unified software for all of their peripherals. In my case I’m greeted with a physical overview of the headset, the G key can be programmed right here with any command of your choice.

Thankfully Logitech has a handful of pre-programmed commands that users can take advantage of. You can monitor battery levels and if you’d like to play around with the equalizer, you’re more than welcome to do that inside the software. You can choose between six different presets; the 7.1 surround sound tab lets you enable this feature but do know that you can assign this to the G key. Either way this allows the user to adjust the volume levels of the seven audio channels plus there are certain presets for the surround mode.

Regular stereo mode is selectable too and that’s an absolute necessity when listening to music. All in all, great stuff Logitech.

Sound Quality

I regards to the sound quality, I have to say this gaming headset surprised me. Now remember headphone reviews are subjective so opinions are purely from my own perspective. With that being said, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with the Logitech G533’s. A few weeks back I reviewed $100 gaming headset from Cooler Master and they sounded terrible for the price. Switching back to the G533’s took a whole new turn. Logitech has always been known for their fantastic Pro G drivers and this one does not disappoint.

I tested games by enabling the DTS headphone surround sound modes and let me tell you I have never experienced a virtual 7.1 surround sound like this. A perfect example would be Battlefield One which has a built-in sound preset specifically designed for the Logitech Pro G drivers and it’s interesting how they were able to simulate a virtual 3D environment with just two drivers on the headset.

I could hear gunshots a lot closer and given the excellent bass response from these drivers, the gunshots themselves felt powerful. Just walking through certain locations in game gave me a clear representation of positional awareness which is excellent because you can hear footsteps 30 to 60 feet behind you and if they happen to be your enemy you can easily position yourself and target them instantly.

High-frequency sound is fantastic without any distortions and honestly, I wouldn’t hesitate to use this pair for listening to music. However, I would switch back to the stereo mode just for that purpose. Regardless it was a beautiful experience especially since I’m a newbie to proper virtual surround sound.

Logitech G533 wireless headset perspective shot

Battery Life

Battery life was just as expected given the no RGB nonsense. I was easily able to get it through a day with continuous music listening and a little bit of gaming. Expect just under 15 hours of usage which should be more than enough to get you through a LAN party the built-in.

The battery is user replaceable and can be recharged through the micro USB port, appropriate cables are provided in the box. The Logitech G533 connects to your PC through a USB card wireless receiver and according to Logitech it’s supposed to offer lossless digital audio transmission with up to 150 feet of range. I’m happy to report I had no issues with signal loss in my office.

It’s unfortunate that the gaming headset can only be used in wireless mode. The included micro USB cable is only used for charging and updating the firmware on the headset so be mindful of that.


To conclude, the Logitech G533 have delivered a fantastic wireless audio gaming experience in both stereo and surround modes. Wireless audio is a tempting yet expensive route to take, however given that these exhibit an excellent soundstage, not just for gaming but also for listening to tunes and if you have the money, they are a very good investment. The microphone unfortunately is definitely one of its weakest points but it’s still passable, just keep that in mind when you’re using the G533 for competitive gaming.

The Logitech G533 made our Best Wireless Gaming Headsets of 2018 which you should definitely check out to see how it stacked up against the rest of the competition.

Logitech G533 Review
4.3 / 5 Review Score
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