Razer Kraken Tournament Edition gaming headset

Today we’re going to take a look at their brand new Razer Kraken Tournament Edition headset. What separates the Tournament Edition from the regular Razer Kraken is the little control box that gives you controls over the THX surround sound.


Speaker Drivers Compatibility
Windows, Xbox, PS4
Driver Size50mmDTS 7.1
Frequency Response12-28,000KHzRGB Lighting
Sensitivity109 dbEar Cup Rotation
Impedance32 OhmBox Contents
T.H.D.N/AProduct Information Guide
Magnet TypeNeodyniumHeadset
MicrophoneWireless Transmitter
Frequency Response100hz-10,000KHz4-pole 3.5mm Cable
PatternUnidirectionalCharging Cable
Sensitivity-42dBToslink Optical Cable
LocationOn Ear Cup (Retractable)Headset Stand
Mute ToggleYesPart Number
Noise CancellingYes (Active)Warranty
1 Years
Battery LifeN/A

 Razer Kraken Tournament Edition gaming headset Controls
You have bass controls, volume controls, mic controls which are all nicely packaged into a little control box that you plug your headphone cable into. If you don’t want to plug it into that, the headphones have a non-removable cable that is a normal 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, but if you do plug it into the box, the other end is a USB. Also on the non-removable cable, you have controls as well. So if you’re going to use this plugged into like a mobile device or you’re Switch, you have a lot of the volume and mic controls and the mic mute button right there as well.

The Razer Kraken Tournament Edition is compatible with the Switch, the Xbox and PS4, but it really shines on the PC because these do utilize Razer software which I was able to go in and mess with the EQ a little bit more and it gives you more control over the headset itself.

Since these headsets are not powered themselves, any change that you make in the software it doesn’t actually get saved into the headset, so you have to actually use the control box to kind of get the sound you want when you’re plugging it into consoles.


Now the mic on these is a retractable microphone, but again, just pushing it in doesn’t mute it. You have to use the actual controls on the cable.

 Razer Kraken Tournament Edition gaming headset Microphone
The microphone on the Razer Kraken Tournament Edition is really clean and clear. If you’re playing in tournaments, you’re playing with friends, honestly there’s nothing more important than just coming through clear. I feel like it picks up bass tones pretty well. For a $100 headset I think the mic is doing a very good job.


Now looking at the rest of the headset, it’s a pleather kind of headband up top where you can see the Razer logo is printed and underneath you have a fabric material. The headband doesn’t have a whole lot of padding, but it doesn’t seem to have any kind of negative effect as it’s still very comfortable. This is one of the lightest headsets which is kind of surprising considering it’s one of the largest looking headsets.
 Razer Kraken Tournament Edition gaming headset headband

This has the same look as the regular Razer Kraken and the Kraken Pro. It has the metal body which is what the headband slides up and down on and it also has numbers, so that you can match up each side so that you have more of a balanced feel on the top of your head.

This headset also boasts the signature Razer mesh grille around the Razer logo. Since these don’t have the chroma lighting, the Razer logo does not change colors. It’s just simple black on the green model, and then it is black also on the all-black headset as well.
 Razer Kraken Tournament Edition gaming headset

The ear cushions on these are some of the most soft and most comfortable I’ve ever uses the gel infusion cooling technology. If you have a very warm pillow and you flip it over, you get that same initial cold feeling when you put them on. It does stay that way for a little while, but if you’re going to have a long gaming session, these will get warm just like other headsets do.

As far as comfort goes, you can wear these for long periods of time because of them being so lightweight and they never really seem to get uncomfortable. Also, if you’re somebody that wears glasses because these have so much give in the ear cushions, there’s no pressure, so they’re really comfortable if you wear glasses as well.

As for durability, you can stretch and twist these things. So if you’re somebody that rages or throws them or they get caught on something, they’re not going to break easily.
 Razer Kraken Tournament Edition gaming headset front view

Sound Quality

So how do these things sound? Well, they kind of have two different sound signatures because you can use them without the control box without having the THX spacial surround sound. When you use them that way, I felt like they have kind of a warm sound signature where everything kind of feels a little pushed forward. Bass is always punchy in Razer headsets, but I felt like the treble was kind of lacking a little bit. But obviously that can change if you’re going to EQ it in the software.

Then when you turn on the THX spatial awareness, it seems to add a lot more depth in what you’re playing. It gives you a more open feel to your game to where it doesn’t feel like everything’s trapped right here. It feels like things are more at a distance and it feels more realistic and natural. Even without the THX turned on, it sounds just like the normal Razer Kraken which I really enjoy.

Now, as far as the sound signature on these, I would say obviously the bass is boosted, the mids sometimes seem a little bit too forward and I feel like the treble sometimes feels a little too pulled back. So if I was to compare this to the Nari’s, I still say that the Nari is the way to go if you’re looking at any of the new Razer headsets, but these are no slouch at $99, especially considering you’re getting surround sound and you’re getting controls that are all right there without actually having the open software.

Now as far as with music, I felt like with these I enjoyed them more using them for gaming than music because I felt with music it was a little too warm for me. I like to have treble boosted up some that everything comes through clear, but also have my bass be really punchy, and bass being punchy is no issue with this headset. If you’re a bass head, you will love these. On the other hand, if you want something extremely clear, you’re going to have to rely more on the software and using it on the PC to get that.

 Razer Kraken Tournament Edition gaming headset perspective view


So I think for $100, being able to have surround sound, have your controls right there, and have it be universal, this thing can be used on the Switch, the Xbox One, the PS4, your headphones, any mobile device because of having the USB connection with the box or having a wired 3.5 millimeter connection just using the non-removable cable. It’s hard to beat the compatibility of this headset and the fact that it also has great sound and is extremely comfortable.

Razer Kraken Tournament Edition
4.2 / 5 Review Score
Sound Quality
Build Quality